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    Hello Dr. Woeller,

    I’m troubleshooting health concerns in an adult but with similiar interventions required.

    OAT results for an adult with chronic yeast concerns,Hashimoto’s, low energy, balancing issues shows: elevated succinic (possible concerns for chemical exposures)elevated methylglutaric, high normal malic, arabinose (mildly high), elevated hydroxyglutaric,methylsuccinic, 2-hydroxyhippuric, 3-Oxoglutaric and high normal quinolinic. High normal HVA, normal VMA and low 5-HIAA. Coenzyme Q10 normal.

    History with client is addressing yeast, supporting the adrenals, digestive issues and food sensitivities. I’m now troubleshooting as health concerns remain (as mentioned above). Client was taking a probiotic and other support supplements at the time of testing.

    My current assessment is: explore for chemical exposures, support the mitochondria, support seretonin levels with 5-HTP for the interim and pursue a biofilm protocol(based on stubborn yeast).
    What are your initial thoughts?
    Also elevated succinic: would a L-Carnitine Fumarate (along with CoQ10) be recommended? Since Malic acid too was high normal?
    Tyrosine/phenylalanine: other than mitochondrial dysfunction, energy and thyroid history the high normal HVA and the normal VMA don’t indicate a BH4 concern. Is this correct?
    Can elevated quinolinic also be supported through L-Carnitine?

    I hope my questions make sense. I appreciate your feedback.




    Great job. I can follow your train of thought perfectly!

    I have not seen L-Carntine drop Quinolinic Acid. I would add Niacinamide at 1000mg daily and go after the biofilm of yeast.

    The BH4 would most likely drop both the VMA and HVA. There is always a possibility of a SNP in the Dopamine Beta-Hydroxylase (DBH) enzyme.

    His low thyroid is most likely from the Hashimoto’s.

    Check out RibosCardio from Researched Nutritionals – for added mito support. Make sure to take with some food in the stomach, but really does help. Also, I would add in NADH at 5mg twice daily.

    Dr. Woeller

    P.S. what are his adrenals like?

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