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    Lynn AltierNeed

    Hello Dr. Woeller,

    I’m troubleshooting health concerns in an adult but with similiar interventions required.

    OAT results for an adult with chronic yeast concerns,Hashimoto’s, low energy, balancing issues shows: elevated succinic (possible concerns for chemical exposures)elevated methylglutaric, high normal malic, arabinose (mildly high), elevated hydroxyglutaric,methylsuccinic, 2-hydroxyhippuric, 3-Oxoglutaric and high normal quinolinic. High normal HVA, normal VMA and low 5-HIAA. Coenzyme Q10 normal.

    History with client is addressing yeast, supporting the adrenals, digestive issues and food sensitivities. I’m now troubleshooting as health concerns remain (as mentioned above). Client was taking a probiotic and other support supplements at the time of testing.

    My current assessment is: explore for chemical exposures, support the mitochondria, support seretonin levels with 5-HTP for the interim and pursue a biofilm protocol(based on stubborn yeast).
    What are your initial thoughts?
    Also elevated succinic: would a L-Carnitine Fumarate (along with CoQ10) be recommended? Since Malic acid too was high normal?
    Tyrosine/phenylalanine: other than mitochondrial dysfunction, energy and thyroid history the high normal HVA and the normal VMA don’t indicate a BH4 concern. Is this correct?
    Can elevated quinolinic also be supported through L-Carnitine?

    I hope my questions make sense. I appreciate your feedback.




    Great job. I can follow your train of thought perfectly!

    I have not seen L-Carntine drop Quinolinic Acid. I would add Niacinamide at 1000mg daily and go after the biofilm of yeast.

    The BH4 would most likely drop both the VMA and HVA. There is always a possibility of a SNP in the Dopamine Beta-Hydroxylase (DBH) enzyme.

    His low thyroid is most likely from the Hashimoto’s.

    Check out RibosCardio from Researched Nutritionals – for added mito support. Make sure to take with some food in the stomach, but really does help. Also, I would add in NADH at 5mg twice daily.

    Dr. Woeller

    P.S. what are his adrenals like?

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