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    If the occurrence of reactions to the MMR vaccine tends to occur in patients with underlying GI issues, would the routine use of a specific type/content of a probiotic given to a child for ? 1-2 months before a scheduled MMR vaccination potentially reduce the likelihood of a reaction? ( realizing that this simple “drop in the bucket/intestine” isn’t very integrative in addressing an individual’s child’s specific risk and/or any microbiome abnormalities).

    Newborn mandated Hepatitis B vaccination:: California has now mandated that all newborns receive Hepatitis B. Your thoughts? Any way to identify a child who might be at risk of reactions? Any way ( short of home birth ) to avoid hepatitis B vaccine if a couple wanted to do so? I have tried to enclose an internet review that I believe summarizes well the issues around Hep B vaccination in newborn.

    Pregnant women: Would you recommend some preventive probiotic administration on the mother’s part during her pregnancy ( or more extensive testing and correction strategies be implemented actually before becoming pregnant) ?

    C Section Babies: I understand the current recommendation for C-Section babies is to have a gauze pad from the mother’s vagina be placed on and wiped significantly over the mouth of the newborn as an attempt to allow the child to obtain the flora he or she missed because of the C section. I understand that this may only be partially successful. Your thoughts ?

    Any comments to help guide a couple who are about to become parents on how to approach the vaccine schedule that will be automatically be designed for their children. One vaccine at a time would seem to be one core principle parents might demand, positive family history of autism etc forcing critical thinking etc, but…. your thoughts ?

    Thank you

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    1 – probiotics in infancy – may help and is worth a try. I just don’t know if it is fully protective. Too many unknown variables, but this could certainly be positioned as an attempt to help without any guarantees.

    2 – California – this state has gone off the deep end. On a personal note, I am glad to have moved out of that state. What is happening there is terrible. The SNP genetic testing may provide some information about potential reactors, but again absolute specifics are not guaranteed from my experience. The main doctor who really researches this topic is Sherry Tenpenny, D.O. I have attached a document that may be helpful for parents trying to avoid the hepatitis B. It’s is a waiver form that could be presented to a doctor that they must sign indicating that if something goes wrong they are personally taking responsibility.

    3 – Pregnant – healthy eating, prenatals and probiotics, along with trying to avoid SSRI medications and states of stress. Also, try and optimize Vitamin D levels. According to the Vitamin D council levels between 50 to 70 are optimal.

    4 – C-section – I don’t know about this specifically.

    5 – I have parents read the book by Dr. Sears called “The Vaccine Book.” He is a California pediatrician who has taken a well balanced approach to the vaccine schedule. In fact, this book offers up an alternative schedule. I agree with a more conservative approach, but I haven’t produced one of my own.

    I hope this helps.

    Dr. Woeller

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