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    Hi Dr. Woeller,
    CSA for my 5 year old patient with autism has dysbiotic flora:
    3+ staph aureus
    3+ klebsiella pneumonia
    3+ enterobacter cloacae X2

    and 2+ commenal alpha hemolytic strep with some other normal yeast and flora.

    all the digestion/absorption, inflammation, immunology SCFA, and health markers on the stool are negative, except for positive occult blood (no red blood cells).

    All the dysbiotic flora have high sensitivity to the GSE.
    The staph aureus is sensitive to multiple herbals, including organo, black walnut, caprylic acid, and uva ursi as well.
    This child has good appetite, does not have abdominal pain; and since recently started digestive enzymes, is no longer having loose stools.
    I am thinking of treating him with Biocidin, and oil of oregano, and caprylic acid.
    How long would you recommend for the duration of treatment?
    As for the positive occult blood, I am thinking of starting the herbal treatment and having PMD recheck for occult blood in a week, unless you recommend otherwise.
    Very grateful for your help on this,



    This pattern is fairly common and the Biocidin is a great choice too just like the last post. GSE is always a positive choice off the CDSA.

    The occult blood should be rechecked by primary care. I would do exactly as you are stating. It most commonly is coming from aggressive wiping after a bowel movement or internal irritation from constipation.

    Weeks is usually long enough with the botanicals.

    Dr. Woeller

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