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    Dr Woeller
    Not sure if this is the exact location for this question however with regards to Fine and Gross motor skills and sensory processing (e.g. Sensitive about using fingers tip, grip strength etc) what lab testing can be used to investigate if chemical deficiencies imbalances exist and would there be any concerns regarding mitochondrial dysfunction.
    Can the OAT test be used if so what are the markers? Such a Kreb cycle metabolites # 28 Malic?



    All of the markers in the mitochondrial section of the OAT are suggestive of mitochondrial issues. I think in many kids the mito issues are secondary to other problems, i.e. infections, toxins, as opposed to a primary issue within the mitochondria, i.e. genetic. Mito issues can certainly lead to fine and gross motor skill problems.

    Also, the fatty acid section can indicate carnitine problems which are necessary to help with cellular utilization of fats for energy production.

    I have often found the 5-HIAA which is linked to serotonin is low to low normal in spectrum kids. Serotonin is involved in fine motor skills too.

    General blood testing, i.e. electrolytes, cholesterol, iron, D3, along with the OAT and Hair Analysis do a good job overall assessing vitamin and mineral status.

    Dr. Woeller

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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