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    I have an 18 mo boy who is having a hernia repair and is at least heterozygous MTHFR C677T – otherwise healthy but mom creating a clean lifestyle for family after first son had eczema/allergies worsen after vaccines. Mom wants to detox after surgery. I was thinking general multivitamin, some additional Bs, magnesium and either NAC or glutathione. Never used the latter 2 in such a young kid- any dosing suggestions? Or other supplements?


    Do you have any idea on his mitochondria SNPs (i.e. ATP5C1, ATP5G3, COX5A, COX6C, NDUFS7, UQCRC2) or even his SOD2 and NAT2? I have learned the hard way that supporting mitochondria is a huge factor with anesthesia. Just a thought!


    No testing at all yet on him- just know mom is homozygous MTHFR


    My daughter is hetero C677T and she lost her monthly for two years after anesthesia. I resolved it by supplementing w/ a methyl B complex. My guess is that her anesthesia antagonized her B12. I would start by finding out what anesthesia was used and find out what it antagonizes. The University of Maryland Medical Center has a website w/ a lot of info on some meds and what they antagonize.

    In terms of detoxing, glutathione is a good start, but I would consider using a low dose of vitamin C and ALA. Perhaps liver support in the forms of milk thistle and turmeric. I believe turmeric is also a methyl donor. Also consider Collagen supplementation. Low collagen might be associated w/ low collagen. A cofactor for collagen is vitamin C. Vitamin C also appears to be a cofactor in carnitine which is important for mitochondrial support so I would consider vitamin C for mitochondrial support like Todd recommends. Cheers!

    Saul Del Angel, NC



    Saul’s makes some great suggestions.

    I don’t know about most of those SNP’s, but the SOD is Super Oxide Dismutase which is related to oxidative stress.

    A lot of anesthesia can compromise, or occupy P450 enzymes systems in the liver. Therefore, liver support is important, but also antioxidants like glutathione (particularly lipoceutical glutathione), vitamin C, NAC and Resveratrol.

    Reservatrol at about 1000mg daily could be helpful and I really like the Lipoceutical glutathione from New Beginnings Nutritionals – I personally dose it one tablespoon twice daily for 72 hours prior to and 2 weeks after anesthesia. In fact, all of these recommendations would worthwhile to start before anesthesia.

    Nitrous oxide is really hard on methylation so methyl-B12 support is worthwhile if that is being used.

    New Beginnings also carries Liver Life which is helpful for liver detoxification too.

    They also carry Spectrum-Mate which is a combination multivitamin/antioxidant/multimineral product. This could be used along with Lipoceutical glutathione, NAC (one capsule twice daily), Liver life (see website for dosing), Antioxidant Formula and Methyl-Mate – 30 drops daily.

    Dr. Woeller

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