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    Qazi Javad

    Hi Dr. Woeller,
    Hope you are well. I really liked your methylation lecture. I was trying to read Amy Yasko’s explanation about the methylation cycle and she had mentioned the type of B12 that should be used. HydroxyB12 vs MethylB12. I know on myself whenever I take MethylB12, I break out into pruritic red welts which go away with high dose Benadryl. I have never tried AdenosylB12. I am still confused how it plays a role in the methylation cycle. To further confuse things for me in the market there is also hydroxy B12. Do you have any resources or information I can read up more about to understand how the Adenosyl and Hydroxy B12 help. I am trying to make up my mind if I want to try those over MethylB12. Have you seen this kind of a reaction to MethylB12 before.
    Thank you


    Qazi Javad

    I might have become impatient in asking the question. You do answer this question at the end of the lecture 2 of methylation. Thank you



    No. I have not seen this type of reaction before to Methyl-B12. In my experience, this is a rare occurrence.

    Is it possible that it was some ‘other’ ingredient in the B12 supplement? Not likely, just wondering? Did you have any other types of problems you felt with the Methyl?

    Between Adenosyl and Hydroxy based on your previous experience I would personally do the hydroxy. The Adenosyl and Methyl are similar to each other.

    Dr. Woeller

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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